5 Common Wedding Dress Alterations

A wedding is the most precious time in a bride’s life when she expects all the arrangements to be perfect so she could look flawless in her wedding dress and save herself from all the hassle.

That’s why many brides plan their early wedding outfits that also include all the wedding dress alterations Dubai based tailoring shops cater to all the requirements of the brides so they could look amazing on their weddings without any last-minute pressures.

There are many things that require fixing and alterations in a wedding dress that has to be unique and different to stand-out among the crowd.

Even for the uniform tailoring Dubai based shops also provide alteration services through consultation to help the people look their best at work.

For this purpose, we have come up with 5 common wedding dress alterations to help you understand the basic tailoring needs of the brides in a better way.

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  1. Creativity on the sleeves

The addition of the sleeves in a wedding dress matter a lot as it adds beauty to your wedding dress. You can even design your own sleeves while choosing a good lace or a good cut to add to your sleeves to make your wedding dress look perfect.

  1. Shortening the hem

If the hem of your wedding dress is extra-long and you don’t like it then you can even shorten the hem to eliminate all the doubts about your wedding dress. It is quite common, especially for taller customers. However, the price depends on the layer of the dress.

  1. Adjusting the hips and waist

It is possible to alter the size of the dress and adjust the hips and waist accordingly. Since it’s quite common to gain or reduce weight before the wedding day or even face some sizing issues at the last minute.

  1. Train loops

It’s common to fix the train loops in a wedding dress. They are attached to the dresses through the buttons and help in lifting the train for the brides to move around easily. Some wedding dresses have while some don’t, that’s why it’s important to check it beforehand if the wedding dress needs the train loops to be attached or not.

  1. Altering the back and the neckline

You can easily alter the back and the neckline by choosing to decide whether to keep them closed or opened depending on your needs.  Some people prefer wearing a strapless gown by adding a lace at the back while others prefer altering a closure by adding buttons.