Façade glass for modern buildings

Façade glass panels in construction of big buildings are replacing old cemented walls of buildings. Glass is considered versatile material for building yet very fragile. But these glass panels add magnificent look to the building. It is now highly preferred by architectures to use glass panels to decorate the building from outside as it gives spectrum look to the building. The good thing about using glass panel is that they are not very expensive plus they can be recycles.  On the other hand, the replacement of facade glass panels is very easy in case they are broken or damaged due to wind.

The trend of using glass as an architectural material started long ago. But for a very long time the use of glass was restricted to small mirrors or windows. Eventually technology played its part and we got glass panels for construction of building walls with improved strength, resistance or pressure. Later on, waterproof & heat proof technology made this material more suitable for construction and decoration purpose. Now there are few points which make it clear to you that why glass panels are more useful to you than regular cemented walls:

1: It is comparatively lesser in cost to build these walls because they can be easily installed within lesser time. So less man power and more machines can be used.
2: They are very strong and cannot be broken easily. Even if they are broken by something then that part can easily be replace while if a cemented wall is broken you have to build it again.
3: Façade glass panel enhances the aesthetic beauty of exterior and interior view.
4: These panels fulfill every requirement of architects or designers regarding elegance, fluidity, luminosity & transparency.

Firstly, right after construction you can expect stains on glass which they get during construction. Post construction pressure washing & cleaning is necessary to get shiny & clean walls. The methods of washing and cleaning of these walls can be found online, otherwise there are companies who can help you in getting this done with professional help. After cleaning once after installing you do not have to get them pressured washed again for a long period of time. Usually first time this service is provided by the construction company, but after that you have to follow the rules to maintain them clean, which is not very hard.