Features of a good antivirus

There are different kinds of antiviruses which you can use but when you are going to get antivirus software download then you have to see the various features in it because different antiviruses have different special features although common features are the same. You can get an antivirus for Mac from internet but you can also get it from your local software house too if you want more protection. Few of the common features of most antiviruses are as follows:

You will get a lot of protection for your system only with few simple steps and about one hour of your time that any antivirus will take to download and get installed in to your system. You have to spend this time patiently if you need to get protected from different kinds of possible threats for your system. 

With the antivirus you will get protection for many things without any additional device or software. If you get a good antivirus then you will not have to search for any other software for the protection of your important files. You will get all kind of protection through small antivirus software.

When you get a good antivirus then you will get the facility of scanning automatically at a particular time which you need to set. You will not have to remember the time to scan it because the antivirus will perform its duty very well and you will not have to worry about it. It will scan all of your files and detect any threat if found and then notify you about it. It will eliminate the threat and prevent all kinds of malicious activities.

If you are working on a critical project on which there is a possibility of getting virus through internet searching or through any other way then you can start the background running facility of your antivirus and it will protect you throughout the time you use your system. If you get any malware then it will immediately notify you and also tell you about the path of that malware so that you can prevent its future entry in to your system.

When you get your hands on to a good antivirus then it will be installed in to your system within few minutes and create no lag to your system while running and doing the work of scanning.