Essential Clothing for Your Desert Safari

People plan different types of vacations during summers and winters holidays. Some are believers of relaxed and pleasant beach view and restaurant booking vacations but some are adventures to climb hills and do safari rides to make their vacations more exciting and thrilling. To prepare any vacations, the most essential thing is your attire and clothing you plan to take with you for a comfortable stay. For safari riders, some special requirements are necessary in terms of clothing to make your trip comfortable and simple. The Desert safari in Dubai is the most adventurous trip anybody can expect but due to extreme climate change from day to night some clothes are essential to be part of your suitcase. These specific clothes not only keep you from dehydration, sun burns but also make your trip comfortable.

Fabric choice should be light but not skin-fitted

Better plan breathable lightweight cotton, lawn and linen clothes for desert safari. They are excellent for sunny weather and sweat control. Color choice should be lighter to reflect the sun rays and give you a bit cool and relaxing body temperature. You can expect desert safari day time weather at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bring additional layer, hoodies or sweatshirt with you

You can’t miss the desert safari overnight stay but extreme weather-shift from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night can leave you shivering and you might catch cold if you didn’t pack additional clothes. So better take additional layers of clothes in terms of inners or hoodies or even sweatshirts to make you feel comfortable during watching a belly dance or having a blow fire dinner out.

Wear sun-glasses and scarf

Desert safari also means the chances of sand and air storms, so be prepared for these natural calamities. It is very common in Sahara Desert to face a sandstorm during your safari trip so wear big and closer to eye sunglasses and avoid eye lances. For save side also wear proper scarf to cover your ears and neck from sand particles and also reduce chances of dehydration.

Shoes selection

Ladies you are not walking on a ramp or a red carpet to wear your bright long-heel sandals. Desert has its own limitation to choose proper shoes which are not only heat-repelling but also help you to walk on sand with less effort and keep you away from a heel or knee injury. Better choosing a danced soul sneakers or joggers which can cover your heels and lower legs to reduce the chances of sand penetration. Take extra pair with you in case you lose one during bike riding.

At the desert safari, you have to be a bit careful with your accessories so choose your clothes with lots of pockets to take care your cell phone, money and other necessities with you. You can also use a safari leather purse with you to safely hold your stuff. For booking and details, please visit website and book a reputable safari tour operator.