Tips to keep in mind when caught in a fire

It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, emergency situations don’t come knocking on door asking your permission, they just happen. It is your responsibility to always keep yourself safe in such cases by keep following tips in mind and using them at the right time:

  • Fire drills are your way out

We know you are not in school anymore and you are not a child who needs to make a line and orderly run out of the class room but what do you do when you are caught with 50 other employees in a fire and the only way out is through a small fire exit, people are going to panic which will only increase the tension. This is why you need to prepare in advance and have a fire drill ready to stay safe in such cases.

  • Look for fire exits because they aren’t always marked

This is something that most people rely and on and in majority of the cases fire exit is marked with big red block letters because smoke can make it hard to see what’s around but that isn’t always the case. Your house probably doesn’t have a fire exit marked and this is why in such cases you must remember how many ways are there to get out of the room into a safe zone and how you can get there, keep those exits in mind and make your way through them.

  • Put low

This is a scientific phenomenon that warm air rises up and cold air sinks down. This is applied to heaters placed towards the ground and air conditioner placed high above. When there is smoke around, it would always rise up and this is why you should stay on the ground because in majority cases, smoke doesn’t only make your throat tight and increase coughing but it can also affect your eyes making hard to detect your way around the house.

  • Look for fire fighting equipments

FM 200 fire suppression is one of the most common fire fighting agents that should be used in cases of emergency and this is why fire fighting equipment suppliers in Dubai should always be bought and saved in advance for such emergency cases.