Whiten your teeth while enjoying food

Dentists tell that there are many procedures to whiten your teeth but you have to pay a big amount for that. People are often helpless and pay the demanded amount because no one likes yellow teeth. Teeth’s yellowing is a part of aging but you don’t have to worry about it now because there are many best teeth whitening home remedies which you can try at your home and as they are from food so you can enjoy it at the same time. There is a human psychology due to which people normally think that the more expensive a treatment the more accurate results it will generate but that’s not the truth. You can also get benefited from everyday cheap items if you know exactly how to use them and for how much time you have to use. If you follow the instructions carefully it will do wonders and you will be amazed by the results.

To know how you can enjoy your teeth whitening process, you have to see here now:

Strawberries: Did you read strawberries? Yes you are right. Strawberries have a natural texture to remove stains from the teeth and also it strengthens the gums. It contains Vitamin C which is the best natural bleaching agent. Now comes to the usage; you can use it by two different methods. One is that consume it while chewing up really well and the other is to squash it and brush it well. The choice is yours.

Veggies: Crunchy veggies like carrot, cabbage and celery works as natural brushes. They not only brush out bacteria while munching but they also aids in your overall good health. Their a bit hard sponge like surface keeps the food particle remains away from your teeth and also the take out the yellow stains with them making our teeth whiter day by day if taken regularly.

Apple: Apples naturally contain a chemical named as Malic acid which is used in teeth whitening products. So why to pay thousands of rupees to your dentist when you can whiten your teeth in less amount and health benefit is a plus point with it.

Beverages: People love to take soft drinks, tea and coffee without knowing that they can seriously damage their teeth’s outer layer named as enamel when taken straight so try to use straws whenever it is doable.