5 Travel Planning Tips When Planning A Family Vacation

Family vacations and trips are often the responsibility of parents. They are the ones who plot the whole trip and make travel arrangements for everybody. But this year, it might be high time for you to take that burden off your parents’ shoulders and plan your next family vacation.

If you are planning an extended family vacation this year, here are some tips that can help you plot out your family travel plans:

  • Get everyone involved with the planning

Although you will be in-charge of planning the whole trip, you will still be needing the attention and commitment of everyone who will be involved in the trip. This is important, especially of you are planning a multi-generation or extended family trips overseas. You need to start planning ahead of time so you can get the approval of everyone involved. Be sure to ask for their ideas and opinions, but also manage their expectations that you will not be able to include their wishes on the travel plans.


  • Try offbeat attractions

One thing is for sure: everyone who will be involved in the trip would choose a safe attraction to satisfy everyone. But try to make your family trips exciting and interesting by going for offbeat destinations. Save the safe and usual attractions as a backup plan. Remember that you will be taking the whole gang to have a good time, be sure to show them something that they haven’t seen before. Consult with your travel agent about the unusual destinations or travel activities you can do that would make every member of the family happy.


  • Allot time for individual explorations

Going to family trips doesn’t mean that all of you should be joined at the hip and always be together. When creating a travel itinerary, allot some time for individual explorations. Your parents and siblings might want to visit other places that are not included on the itinerary that you made. Give them the time and freedom to roam around.


  • Be sure to get enough space

Family travels are often viewed as cramming in a single hotel room to save on some pennies. But you need to remember that you want to give them an ultimate experience, and that includes providing the best accommodation. Splurge a little on accommodations and be sure that everybody will be comfortable with the lodging that you will be providing.


  • Enjoy some family bonding

Everyone in the bunch might have their own agenda on why they joined the family vacation. But as in-charge of the travel plans, you need to ensure that everybody is on-board on having some quality time with everyone. Aside from sightseeing, include family activities that would allow family bonding.