Building Cleaning And Maintenance Checklist For Your Cleaning Staff

Maintaining a building facility is not an easy task and an ongoing challenge, especially if the building admin is managing a big space. Which is why it is a must to have a checklist to ensure that everything is covered. Without a checklist, there is a high chance that they would forget to do something or miss a spot. Having a checklist would also help them to be strategic when it comes to cleaning.


If your building maintenance team is having a hard time in cleaning the whole space or facility, this simple cleaning checklist from building cleaning services in Dubai might be what they need so they can do their tasks better:

Daily cleaning and maintenance

Daily maintenance is needed to ensure that there will be no build-up of dirt and grime in the facility and every office space. Daily building maintenance cleaning is quite straightforward. Your cleaning staff would need to do some rounds in the office and cubicles to clean the space. The basic tasks that need to be done during daily cleaning are:

  • Waste and garbage disposal
  • Dusting floors and ceilings
  • Cleaning the pantry and bathroom cubicles
  • Cleaning the desks and cubicles
  • Cleaning visible stains and dirt
  • Put tissue papers on bathroom cubicles

Weekly Cleaning and maintenance

Although the cleaning staff is doing their daily cleaning routine, they still have to do some weekly cleaning to do other tasks that are not taken up during the daily cleaning. Also it can help reduce the cleaner’s workload during regular days. Weekly cleaning should be more thorough than the daily cleaning that your cleaning staff usual does.

  • Cleaning the garbage bins and chutes
  • Wall cleaning and washing
  • Sweeping and moping the floors
  • Sanitizing bathrooms, the pantry and the kitchen
  • Sanitizing the desks
  • Vacuuming the carpet and the chairs

Monthly, Semi-annual & Annual Maintenance

Tasks that fall under these cleaning schedules would require a more thorough work than the usual daily and cleaning schedule. Usually, companies hire cleaning firms and construction cleaning in Dubai to get the job done. These cleaning professionals have the means, the manpower, and the tools needed for major cleaning work. Although your cleaning staff can still participate in this initiative, the primary work should be done by a third-party contractor.


  • Renovation and revamp of whole or certain spaces
  • Window cleaning
  • Checking and repairing of HVAC units
  • Repairs and replacement
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen and
  • Carpet cleaning or replacement